We run private, cosy 

online performances with artists 

from around Planet Earth.

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We are a non-profit helping 

emerging artists to perform more

 and get paid fairly.

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We are a non-profit

helping emerging

artists to perform

more and get paid


We run private,

cosy online


with artists from 


Planet Earth.

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Your contributions

- over €7500 since

confinement - 

help us pay artists


Your contributions 

 - over €7500 since confinement - 

help us pay artists fairly.

We organise a performance with an artist we love.
You make a donation and save the date in your calendar.
We make sure the artist has proper gear and we run a few deep soundchecks.
You receive a secret code and join our private virtual room on Zoom.
Magic happens.

How do these online

performances work?

What's the next performance?

What's the

next performance?

Team building? Conference?

Birthday present?

Team building

Family dinner?

Birthday present?

Learn how you can

 book a private performance.

Learn how you can

book a private


Would you like to help Invisible City?

Would you like

 to help 

Invisible City?

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Full agenda 

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Our team is on holidays...

Our team is 

on holidays...

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Gui and Pablo

invite Mari

Thursday, July 30th, 20h Lisbon time