Who is organising this concert?

Invisible City, a non-profit on a mission to enable emerging artists to perform more and get paid fairly

What happens after I make a donation?

Once you have made your donation, we’ll send you an online ticket with a secret code to our invisible private room in Zoom. 

How much should I donate?

We encourage you to make a donation on behalf of every person who participates in this online concert together with you. 

We believe that 4 euros per person is fair, yet most guests usually contribute around 9 euros, so if you have the means and wish to support Denys, Eva and Invisible City further, we’d be grateful if your donation corresponds to what feels fairest to you. 

You can also make a donation directly to the Invisible City account (for example, from your Revolut app or similar): 

Account name: Invisible City MTÜ

IBAN: EE88 7700 7710 0336 8942 


(When you make a transfer, please mention your email so that we send you the ticket!)

How do I pay in my currency?

Right next to the amount in euros you can change the currency by clicking on the arrow and choosing yours. This way the system will accept your card.


I need further help with donating!

Do you have MBway? Is your preferred method not working? Write to us at magic@myinvisiblecity.eu so that we do the impossible to help you join us!


How much do the artists actually get?

Even before the gig starts, Invisible City guarantees 100 euros to the artists. This is our investment into the performance which provides a safety net for the artists. We make sure it is never a lottery! These funds come from our private sponsors who support Invisible City directly (here is how you can become one). 

What the campaign receives above the 100 euro mark, we share with the artists in equal parts. In this way, we provide a guaranteed income to the artists while staying sustainable and helping more artists run more wonderful gigs. 


8 p.m. Lisbon || 10 p.m. Kyiv

Sunday, October 18th

When Denys’ violin and Eva’s melodeon start playing, you might discover that all this time your body has been hiding bizarre talents from you. 

Denys touches the cords -- and your feet suddenly reveal they speak Polish with a bit of a French accent: to your own marvel you are skipping triple time to mazurka, as if you were a guest of every 19th century ballroom party in France. Eva’s fingers press that first melodeon button -- and your feet are now fluent in Basque, tracing fandango steps across the floor. The two instruments meet, and you understand Ukrainian, moving jazzily to a lullaby 'The dream passes by the window' that - some voices whisper - inspired Gershwin to write Summertime.  

Sound by sound, the two virtuosos take over your body, magically turning you into a movement polyglot, your Swedish self smoothly swirling to polska … while your klezmer self is getting ready to impress the guests of the most honourable Jewish wedding!

Such universality is understandable.

Denys Stetsenko was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in a family of classical musicians with fascinating stories: his great-grandfather dedicated his life to making voice and piano arrangements of the Ukrainian national songs, an anti-state crime in the books of the Soviet secret police, who persecuted him till his last breath. Denys’ uncle, an enthusiast of Ukrainian folk and American rock - a dangerous mix for the apparatchiks! - was also one of the finest violins of the Soviet Union and the founder of the very first Ukrainian music festival, which won him both acclaim and a ban on travelling abroad. 

Will I have a good sound?

We make sure that the artists have the fastest internet connection possible and are properly geared. We run numerous soundchecks prior to the concert to make sure you have the best audio experience!

Do you have Apple Pay?

Yes. Please open this link here in a safari browser. 

Denys’ mother, in the meantime, moved to the island of Madeira, Portugal, to teach piano and organ, exposing Denys to the Portuguese musical tradition. These dense family roots in music have allowed Denys’ classical, rigorous violin to accompany the greatest names of the contemporary Portuguese scene: he has played antique music with Sete Lagrimas, accompanied Pedro Joia's classical guitar and improvised folk motives at the endless ethnic dance festivals across Europe, such as the legendary Andanças festival in Portugal, where he met Eva.

Eva Parmenter comes from a less solemn musical tradition. Growing up in a half Portuguese, half English family that would spend its many summers at French folk festivals, music was but a game she would play with her father, a game she has never abandoned. She has always had an inclination for stranger, more rare instruments. As a child she mastered all kinds of flutes, which got her invited to every traditional music stage. Then she studied harpsichord, a baroque precursor of a piano. Her true and absolute passion, however, is a melodeon, which she mainly self-taught. Rebelling against established ways of living, with her favourite instrument and her knowledge of folk dances, she has visited most of the European continent giving dance workshops and playing music.

Joining Denys and Eva is jumping into a time machine that will transport us across historical epochs and varied geographies. One, two...hop?