Invisible City Privacy Policy

Invisible City MTÜ is a non-profit on a mission to let you know where the most wonderful culture happens, and we do not require any of your personal, identifiable data. 

Invisible City App

Invisible City App is private by design. The most iconic privacy features of Invisible City App are no log-in, no email, no password, no ads. 

In order to perform the most fundamental operations without which the app could not possibly function, Invisible City requests access to the following information:

1. Only if you explicitly allow location, Invisible City App can access your approximate and precise location. 

This means that based on GPS and network data the app can find the closest city with cultural gigs around you, show gigs on the map and calculate an approximate distance that stands between you and your next cultural gig.

2. In order to connect to the internet, the app requests access to information about networks and open network sockets. 

This means that the app can connect to the internet and check if there are wifi or mobile networks available. 

3. In order to restart the app when you restart the phone, the app requests information about when the system finished booting. 

This permission is needed to restart the app when your phone reboots. This is important for rescheduling general notifications we send you about the app, as well as collecting aggregate and non-identifiable information about the app usage (opening tabs and activating filters). 

4. In order to keep your phone’s processor from sleeping or screen from dimming, the app has access to your lock screen.

This means the app has access to sending you notifications about the events and venues you saved, as well as general notifications with updates.

5. In order to to have a general idea about the app growth, retention and engagement, Invisible City app uses Answers and Crashlytics by Fabric, a service by Google, that offers real-time analytics, event tracking, and crash reporting. Invisible City App receives only aggregate, non-identifiable data from Fabric. 

This means that Invisible City can analyze how the totality of its users (and not how any individual user) interact with the app: in which location they open it, which cities they choose, which tabs (All, Today, Tomorrow) they open, whether they use ‘Show only premiers and one-day events’ filter, use search, save, share, calendar and follow functionalities. This is needed to ensure that we build an app that is useful to you.

Cookies used on our website: 

Invisible City is benefiting from the Google Ads for Non-Profits program and, as a result, our webpage uses analytical cookies that only collect aggregate information, such as the number of visitors, age and gender groups, in an anonymous form without processing any personal and identifiable data. If you would like to opt out of tracking, you can disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings. To make this as easy as possible for you, here is a great set of instructions on how to disable tracking:

With Invisible City your free time is truly yours, private and safe.